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Be In Love With You – Take A Look Into Our Skin Care Survey

Skincare has always enjoyed mixed popularity among women. While most women realise the importance of keeping one’s skin nourished, lifestyle habits often make it challenging to adopt the discipline required to maintain a regular skincare routine. However, a healthy glowing skin is not only about gorgeous outward looks but also majorly about boosting confidence and self-esteem, and enhancing personality.

However, with the influence of media, a growing concern for one’s overall health and appearance and the rising awareness for the need of self-love, skincare has moved to the front rungs of middle-class women’s consciousness in the last few years. And with Dussehra/Durga Puja around, need we say more about the glory that skincare is basking in at this time of the year?

                                                          General Skin Concerns


A regular skincare routine would include using an array of items, each catering to individual needs of nourishment and hydration of the skin. The standard skincare routine comprises cleaning, toning and moisturizing. It sometimes goes a few steps further with the new favourite item in every skincare buff’s list – the serum. While a facewash removes dirt and grime from the face, a toner gently refreshes the skin without stripping it off its natural moisture. Applied right after a toner and before a moisturizer, a serum promises to penetrate into the skin loading it with nutrient-rich ingredients and health-inducing compounds that make it supple while adding a glow to it. Serums help one achieve a clear skin that has reduced pigmentation and blemishes, with guided and continued usage. A moisturizer follows, sealing in all the goodness applied on skin, allowing them to soak underneath the layers of epidermis. Done in the morning, this routine must be wrapped up with generous application of a protective sunscreen lotion, irrespective of being located indoors or outdoors.

A dedicated skincare routine prepares the skin to address a variety of challenges like:

  • ageing
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • dark spots
  • dark circles
  • irregular pigmentation
  • acne and acne marks
  • dryness
  • oiliness

Other than for nourishment, skincare items are also chosen based on the skin’s requirement for the season, especially summer and winter.

The chemicals used in the products of all established brands are laboratory-tested, dermatologist-recommended and mostly non-comedogenic, hence consumers feel safe in layering them on their skin. However, many consumers prefer to shift to more nature-based products later to retain the goodness achieved, since nature-based products are trusted more for their mild properties and lesser side-effects.

Our survey indicates that for most consumers, awareness comes from social media and beauty influencers that offer detailed discussion and feedback about the products. Trusted sources like friends and family also act as a major source of influence since they usually recommend products after having benefitted from them. The consumers who depend mostly on word-of-mouth recommendations prefer the offline mode of shopping since they do not set store by researching more.

Highly involved ones looking to address specific skin problems opt for online shopping wherein they can study reviews and compare benefits and prices. Pop-up ads in social handles like Facebook and Instagram help motivate these consumers more to probe into the benefits of the product and try them out. This also helps in comparing price points and settling for a comfortable price range. The purchase journey is determined by not only consumers’ awareness and knowledge, but also the intensity of skin problems that direct them to consider across the range from beauticians to friends to dermatologists.

Here’s hoping that the festive season brings in cheer and glow not only to the mind but also to the skin. Let it rejoice in the goodness of nourishment and loving care.

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