Digital Intervention

Digital Intervention : Digitally Augmented

MR : Vertical Agnostic

Adding value at each stage

Digital Transformation Projects


Digital Audit & Strategy (Marketing)

Maturity assessment of existing digital portfolio and creating a blueprint for digital transformation based on business goals and objectives.
Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Social and Search Authority monitoring, capturing and analyzing VoC (Voice of Consumers); Positive content building for relevant keyword. Periodic benchmarking of competitors.

Digital Intervention

Digital Readiness

Digital skill assessment of the organization and rolling out skill-based training with “best practices” support that helps in consumer insights for the company.

CXC: Consumer Experience Center

Designing and analyzing consumer psychographics and behavioral patterns by mapping consumer experiences at various touch points and creation of customer connect ecosystem.

Digital Research Methodologies

General Ask:

It refers to no-contact research by using state of the art technology platforms, Constant subscription and nurturing of Consumer Panel through Digital Methods Social Listening by using tools like Brand24 / SEMrush etc. helps in research & consulting to better understand the market trends.
A customer-informed brand vision to serve as a touchstone for the organization can create maximized target relevancy and form sharp competitive differentiation.
You can understand your potential customers, segment your audience, identify a crisis quickly and respond, monitor campaigns, and evaluate your competitors with the responses from social research agencies. You may generate the type of material that your followers want, come up with new ideas based on industry trends, improve your customer experience by communicating directly with customers, and constantly modify your customer strategy to match the current demand by doing social listening.
A market research consultant is a professional who develops and recommends marketing strategy for businesses. They do in-depth market research and analysis, collect and evaluate client feedback, lead surveys and studies to establish how current marketing efforts are affecting customers, provides consumer insights to the company and design social media tactics to increase brand visibility and public interest.

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