Monitoring & Evaluation

Median Team has experience in the below types of Social Projects


Review Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact Assessment

Baseline-Mid term- End term assessment

Monitoring & Evaluation

Action Research & Studies

Monitoring & Evaluation

Capacity Building


Survey & Implementation

Water Sanitation Health Hygiene

  • Sanitation behavior
  • ODF strategy and status verifications
  • Arsenic mitigation through behavior change
  • WASH compliance
  • KAP strategy design

Sustainable livelihoods

  • Rural industrialization
  • SHG based livelihood
  • Minor irrigation supported livelihood improvement for small & marginal farmers
  • Training for employment


  • Implication of violence against women
  • Gender auditing
  • Migration and Trafficking
  • Gender sensitization
  • Sexual harassment at work place

Energy and Environment

  • Electricity Load analysis in various sectors
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Environmental Management
  • Smart Solutions for Cities

Education and Literacy

  • Education Planning
  • Education support to dropout towards mainstreaming
  • Evaluation of education programs
  • Education rehabilitation

Urban Systems

  • Planning
  • Facility Mapping
  • Socio-economic analysis
  • Housing
  • Vocational Training 

Adolescent /Street children vulnerability

  • Adolescent Health
  • Adolescent Rights
  • Life skill Education
  • Menstrual Hygiene Management

Inclusive development

  • Viability of schemes for Trbals – health and education
  • Multi-sectoral district development plan for minorities
  • Evaluation of ST Financial Development Corporation
  • Health & Education support in tribal villages

General Ask:

Water sanitation and health hygiene, sustainable livelihoods, gender, energy and environment, education & literacy, urban systems, adolescent/street children vulnerability and inclusive development
We provide hands-on research assistance, including primary data collection in the field, to assist in the design, execution, and assessment of client projects, which are often in diverse environments and cover a broad range of sectors and industries.

Monitoring is a periodic duty that begins at the planning stages of a project or program. It enables the documentation of findings, procedures, and experiences, which may then be utilized to guide decision-making and learning processes. This is the process of comparing progress to goals. The information gathered through monitoring is used in the evaluation process. A completed project or program is evaluated as carefully and objectively as feasible. Monitoring & Evaluation assess facts and information that inform strategic decisions, resulting in future improvements to the project or program.
It provides the only consolidated source of information, properly tracks the project progress and throws light on the accountability of the brands
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